Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cornflakes with Yoghurt

I knew somebody in my residential hall during my first year who like everybody else coming to the UK for the first time, was taken aback by the foreign currency exchange rate. During her first term, she had almost the same thing for breakfast every day, having bought a large bag of Sainsbury's Low Price Cornflakes (yes, they did not really come in boxes) and supplementing it with milk and the dried fruit I had covered in an earlier article. I had originally wanted to try making something else today, but it turns out that it would involve buying two litres of cider and later working out what to do with the cider I do not want, so this time, I will just be revisiting this experience from times gone by.

As you can see, the bag is gone, replaced by the standard box-and-bag packaging. The cornflakes are similar to the last time I sampled them, when the friend I mentioned bought them. The flakes appear to be somewhat thinner, but otherwise everything else remains the same.

Instead of milk however, I have opted to use yoghurt. I've had a look at the ingredient breakdown between this and the regular yoghurt, and find no difference whatsoever; the Basics yoghurt does not have any additional ingredients or additives other than milk.

For some reason however, the consistency seems to be a bit thinner. Ironically, that would probably suit my purpose of mixing into cereal.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Cornflakes£0.46500g+£0.49Slightly thicker flakes
Natural Yoghurt£0.46500g+£0.32Slightly thicker yoghurt, cap to ensure freshness

And now, some bonus content. I stumbled across a review of the Basics instant noodles by, who reviews packets of instant noodles from around the world.

A friend of mine helped me to translate what the review was saying, and the clincher was the last line, as follows: "While at first I thought it tasted kind of crap, as you keep on eating you're eventually able to accept the taste as kind of ordinary"

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