Sunday, 4 October 2009

Errata and Addenda

For me, tomorrow is just another start to a dreary work week ahead. For a certain group of individuals however, it would be the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, packed with challenges, joys, hardships and opportunities. It will be a time when new friendships will be made, some of them to last for life.

To date, I've managed to cover most of the Sainsbury's Basics items I wanted to highlight to the freshers at my alma mater coming in from my home country, and then some. From here on out, I will just be picking out any other things in the product line that may catch my interest and would prove useful to my target audience. However, nobody is perfect, and my coverage was not by any means complete. These are the few things I want to share with you, the readers, before you go out and enjoy what may be the most eventful few years of your life:
  1. I did not manage to cover the Basics Frying Steak. They don't seem to be available now, now that we are in the autumn/winter period, but if memory serves they will resurface when spring comes around. You have my assurance that when it does you will be the first to know more about it.
  2. The Basics Frying Bacon does appear to come sliced in rashers, as opposed to the large hunks you saw in my earlier posts. You will have to inspect the sealed pack closely to work out if the bacon has been sliced though.
  3. Basics Strong Cheddar does come in smaller blocks of about 280g each. They cost £5.98 per kg. Availability somehow is related to that of the small blocks of Mild Cheese though; you only have either one or the other.
  4. Please keep well. There's usually a brief "fresher's flu" season within the first term. If you need to maintain your Vit C intake on the cheap, go for the Basics Orange Juice, featured earlier, or the Basics Oranges. With the latter however, you have to look carefully so that you don't pick a pack with many small ones, instead of a few decent sized ones, so you don't end up peeling too much to eat the same amount of orange.
  5. Eat fruit and vegetables in season. Speak to your British hallmates or coursemates about which item is available in what season. This would save you money, and will allow you to experience cooking and eating like a Brit. Strawberries in particular are available in summer; there will be places in the countryside which would offer strawberry picking, so ensure that you make this one of the activities that you do while in the UK.
That's it for now, enjoy your university life. And if you're attempting to stretch the budget through the Sainsbury's Basics range, good luck and have fun.

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