Sunday, 1 November 2009

Salami Pasta with Spinach

The Sainsbury's Basics Young Leaf Salad was a very recent introduction to the line, having being first spotted only in summer this year. For only 17p more, you have a much better alternative to the Basics Crunchy Salad, which consists mainly of unpalatable cabbage. The composition of the young leaf salad is mainly various kinds of lettuce and spinach. It is the latter that we will be using for our dish today.

Young leaf spinach is usually very cheap, but they come in large bags costing £1.50 each. If you have the time to pick through the leaves for spinach, this could be a cheaper alternative.

Alright. Once the spinach leaves have been extracted from the salad, prepare the salami, slicing into strips.
Start cooking the pasta. I recommend the use of the penne, since spaghetti does not have a solid structure and would hence not be suitable for use since this dish lacks a strong hearty sauce.

Meanwhile, start pan-frying the salami.

Once the salami is slightly crisp and the fat is more or less rendered from it, add the cooked pasta, and mix well, thoroughly coating the pasta with the salami fat.

Season with herb mix and pepper.

Take out of pan, and garnish with spinach leaves.

End result is very palatable, with the salami permeating the dish. The refreshing and crunchy spinach serves as a good contrast against the saltiness and the crispness of the salami. This recipe is probably a keeper - in addition to being easy to prepare, there is also little washing to do: I did not even have to use a spatula, relying instead on tossing to mix the pasta.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Young Leaf Salad£1.171+£0.33More salad variety

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