Monday, 30 November 2009

Chicken Burgers

While I was at Finchley Road to get the Chicken Kievs used in my previous posts, I also came across some Basics breaded chicken burgers. Remembering that I have not encountered anything like this before, I thought it would be interesting if I bought this and feature it in a post. Given the buns and cheese singles that I had at my disposal, I could relive a memory I had prior to coming to the UK.

I studied for my GCE 'A'-Level examinations at what we called Junior College and what the rest of the world called the final two years of high school. One of the most popular stalls in the college canteen was the 'western food' stall, selling food originating from European and American culture. My most regular order from there was two chicken burgers with cheese, being unable to afford the more expensive things on their menu. The circumstances are now that I have the means to create a lookalike of the burgers I had back when I was a teenager.

Be forewarned, the chicken core is 62% of the burger, and out of this core, only half of it is chicken thigh. If you do your math, only 31% of the burger consists of real chicken.

Preparation is simple, and shall only be expressed in photos.

This was arguably one of the worse items I have tried so far. The breaded chicken burgers were airy, and had no meaty texture, giving one the impression of deep-fried tofu. It has actually piqued my curiosity enough to try the Bird's Eye Chicken Burgers separately.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Breaded Chicken Burgers£1.008+£1.99 (Bird's Eye)Breast meat instead of thigh, no textured wheat protein

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