Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza

Everybody likes pizza. Well most do. One could hardly go wrong with cheese, tomato, and a good Italian sausage. Generally however, the amount of effort and money spent creating the pizza I'm sharing with you today is probably not worth it. Sainsbury's and the other major supermarket chains would regularly sell brand name frozen pizzas at heavily discounted prices. While you would have obviously less control over what goes into the pizza, and by extension, what goes into your stomach, it would be more economical.

Having said that however, a few comments would have to be made. The tomato and cheese pizza cannot be eaten on its own, and you would have to top it up with other things to make a substantial meal. Otherwise, it would suffice for a snack.

There are other things worth noting however. Sainsbury's has reduced the pack size of their basics mushrooms and adjusted their price accordingly. The new packs go for 89p and come in sizes of 400g. Mushrooms seem a bit dirtier than they used to be, especially at the base, so make sure you wash thoroughly before use.

But by far the darling of this post, and possibly the entire Basics range is the Mozzarella ball. If memory serves, the mozzarella is made from Germany. Not that it matters though, it tastes absolutely creamy when eaten raw, and has a nice stringy pull when it is cooked. The only problem would be that there is enough mozzarella for two servings, and all of it has to be used within the same day. Still, at 47p, this is a bargain and would easily enliven your meal where used appropriately.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Tomato and Cheese pizza£0.75100gN/ANo accurate equivalent.
Mushrooms£0.89 (£0.22 / 100g)400g+£0.12 / 100g (£0.87 for 250g)More thoroughly washed mushrooms, easier portioned sizes
Mozzarella Ball£0.47125g+£0.48 for 150gNot known, but probably not much
Pepperoni£1.29100g+£0.71Thinner pepperoni slices made in Italy with better texture. Recommended.

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