Friday, 25 September 2009

Garlic Baguette and San Marco Pizza

It has been a long work week, so I was planning to get dinner done with as little effort as possible. Thankfully, I have planned ahead and had some items in the freezer waiting to be used. Tonight's dinner then, was garlic bread together with some frozen pizza that I shared with my flatmate.
I rarely bought this, since I rarely ate garlic bread, preferring to just have pizza alone for dinner, but generally this is considered to alright even when compared to its regular counterpart. However, I decided to make this post because I have a more important message I need to get across to you, dear readers.

And that is this: DO NOT BUY SAN MARCO PIZZA. IT IS NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY, RISK TO YOUR HEALTH, OR THE TORTURE YOU IMPOSE ON YOUR TASTEBUDS. San Marco is made by Northern Foods, a dominant player in the frozen and convenience food industry, and originator of the ubiquituous Goodfella's brand of frozen pizzas. To this day, why they would decide to sully their reputation with San Marco is quite beyond me.

The pepperoni on this pizza, as you can see, does not compare even to the Basics pepperoni I've used in several of my posts. The amount of pepper is pitiful to the point that they shouldn't even have bothered. But perhaps the single greatest problem with San Marco is the cheese. If you can even call it that. Look at the box again, and notice that the pizza is not topped with cheese, but cheese flavour. The ingredients list it as cheese flavour analogue, which is made of "Water, Vegetable Oil, Milk Proteins, Starch, Salt, Emulsifying Salts: Sodium Citrates, Sodium Phosphates, Colour: Beta Carotene". Yummy.

See? It doesn't even melt like real cheese.

Do yourselves a favour: don't buy this pizza. And warn your friends too. Especially the incoming freshers who might not know any better.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Garlic Baguette£0.4410 slices+£0.45Richer, more buttery.
San Marco Pizza£1.001N/AN/A, does not deserve comparison. Culinary Hazard, avoid like plague.

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