Sunday, 25 July 2010

Chilli Beef Nachos

I remembered buying Basics Tortilla Chips with my flatmate on a semi-regular basis. Our university household were regular wine drinkers, and since our budgets could not afford fine cheese and crackers to go with our wine, we tried using Basics Tortilla Chips and Basics Dip as an alternative. The idea was to basically have some sharp flavours to contrast against the wine, so I suppose it worked out well, to a fair extent.

For tonight's dinner I decided to just cook a simple beef chilli using the remaining salsa from the previous post. As we are using Basics minced beef, we will render it of its fats first, draining it away. Once that is done, season with a little Basics vinegar and black pepper.

Add the salsa, and cook until the mixture has reduced. While reducing, prepare a bowl of tortilla chips. If you would like to have some hands-on fun, throw in a pitta bread as well for scooping the beef into to make some improvised tacos.

I wonder why I have not tried this out while at university. It might have been the presence of admittedly unhealthy tortilla chips, and a lack of proper carbohydrates. I could have thrown in the pitta bread, but remember that these come in packs of 6 and have a general shelf life of less than a week (I got unlucky with this and had only 2-3 days before the Best Before date). Still, it might be fun to serve this up to your friends.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Tortilla Chips£0.25200g+£0.65Flavours, more regular shapes
White Pitta£0.256 small pittas+£0.24Higher quality bread
Salsa Dip£0.69300g+£0.64Chunkier salsa, choice between mild and hot

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