Friday, 16 July 2010

Baked Bean Hamburger Chilli

As is relatively clear from this post, I still have another 3 Basics burger patties to go. Planning recipes to run down the Basics inventory is never easy, and the patties are probably my most difficult challenge so far. I have a number of ideas though, one of which I will carry out today, but that also means that I will not be able to introduce Basics items not previously covered for a while.

This will not be the first time I have done a meal based on minced beef and baked beans, however, it would be the first time I have done it properly. As mentioned on separate occasions in the blog, when I was a kid, my mother would fry minced pork with onion and garlic before adding baked beans to the wok. It was a lunch that I was fond of, since back then I did not particularly like rice, and my mother would serve this with bread as the staple.

At Wendy's, one can order chilli con carne, made from hamburger patties which have been left on the grill for too long and thus are too dry to in buns to customers. Combining the two ideas together, I proceed to prepare dinner.

Mince some onion and garlic, and the burger patty. Feel free to substitute this with mince of any kind.
Cook some rice or use leftover rice from a few dinners ago. Open a can of baked beans.
Bring a wok to medium-high heat with a little oil . Start frying about one quarter of the Basics mince/patty you have to draw out the fats. Add the onions shortly after.

Follow this up with the garlic and the rest of the mince. Season with whatever you might find handy.
Now, add small amounts of the baked bean liquid to the wok, ensuring that it stays hot. Follow this up with small amounts of baked beans, until there is enough for dinner. A bean to patty ratio of about 1 to 1 by mass should be a good rule of thumb.
And dinner is served.
It is amusing to think that when broken up, the Basics burger patty pieces don't look too different from the meat chunks you would get from the Meat Feast pizza from the frozen section of your supermarket or your local delivery. The patty mingled nicely with the baked beans, but overall there was quite a heavy aftertaste of meat throughout the chilli. This would probably be best appreciated on a cold winter's evening, when strong flavours would probably be in favour.

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