Sunday, 11 April 2010

Chocolate Dessert Mix

In my halls of residence when I was in university, each room had a small personal fridge, which was suitable for storing perishables like milk, sandwich fillers and beer, essentials for any student life. However, the unit had no freezer compartment. Instead, a large freezer found in the kitchen was shared between several rooms. As you can imagine, thefts can happen, particularly if it involved expensive ice-cream, like Ben & Jerry's.

An alternative to risking your money buying pint-tubs of ice-cream and storing it in a contentious area would be to find a dessert similar to ice-cream, but does not require freezing. One such product would be Angel Delight, a dessert that seems to be a cross between mousse and melted ice-cream, and is simple to prepare, requiring only milk and lots of whisking. Sainsbury's Basics carries products of this type, which are insanely cheap, at £0.09 per packet.

Start with a glass of milk for preparation.
Add the packet contents, and whisk.

About midway into this little exercise I realised that whisking with a spoon is a nightmare. After very careful consideration I resorted to using my flatmate's whisk, knowing that might be retribution for doing so. Your end product should look smooth and partially set.

If you think about it, this might actually be a fun way to consume your milk, if you don't mind the extra time invested in whisking. This would be useful to those whose parents still nag to drink milk.

Also available in strawberry.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Chocolate Dessert Mix£0.095 (or 1 large)+£0.21More flavours

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