Saturday, 7 July 2012

Vinegar as a Surface Cleaner

As we wind things down at our current location, to minimise the number of things we have to take over to the new flat, we are trying to give away, use or otherwise get rid of as many things as we can. I still had a bottle of Basics vinegar left from a long time ago, and since we have to clean the kitchen in preparation for handing the premises over to our landlord, I thought of using the rest of the vinegar to clean parts of the kitchen sink.

Vinegar is essentially ethanoic acid. As such, it can act as a gentle cleaning agent and disinfectant for most surfaces and would be suitable for light cleaning duties, if you do not mind the smell. As an acid, it should also be able to react with limescale and make it easier to remove.

The photos above show a part of the sink before and after I have cleaned it with Basics vinegar. As you can imagine, it's okay, though it isn't great. Given how cheap Sainsbury's Basics Vinegar is though, it might be worth knowing this, especially if you happen to need to clean something when you have run out of your usual surface cleaners and are unable to get to the shops.

[This post is dedicated to my flatmates who have recently gone back home for good. All the best for the future!]

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