Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fruit & Fibre Cereal

Cereal is highly convenient for breakfast. The Basics range has three items to cater to the budget conscious, namely cornflakes, muesli - served in 1.5kg bags, and their latest entry, Fruit & Fibre. Originally I contemplated reviewing the muesli, since I had it when I was in my third year, but the thought of having to go through 1.5kg of mush put me off.

This cereal may be called Fruit & Fibre, but its fruit content is below 30%, so be forewarned, it might be a bit too bland for your liking. Also, due to settling of contents, your first bowl might be nothing but bran flakes. Since I had some honey leftover from the turkey article, I decided to use it to sweeten the cereal from time to time.

Adding yoghurt rather than milk might make for an interesting breakfast. The tartness of the yoghurt should contrast well against whatever sweetness the fruit in the cereal would provide, and ditto for texture between yoghurt and whole wheat flakes.

DescriptionPrice per UnitNo. of servingsTrade-up PremiumTrade-up Benefits
Fruit & Fibre cereal£0.64500g (£0.128 / 100g)+£0.85 for 750g (+£0.071 / 100g)Higher whole wheat and fruit content, lower fat and salt, no bran


  1. i heart cereal and yoghurt ^_^
    add nuts / raisins in for more taste, would be helpful?
    or, what about adding jam?

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  3. s w: Good suggestions. It might interest you that I knew somebody who spent her first year of university eating basics cornflakes supplemented with raisins. I would have done the cereal and yoghurt thing if they were not served in 1 litre cartons that would take me forever to finish. Note by the way that the basics natural yoghurt has an identical ingredient make up (right down to content %) to the regular one.

    Life in LDN: mail sent. Speak soon..


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